• • Recent Work •

    Artist Statement: I have been working with partial, totemic and apotropaic figures: Hermai, totems for the messenger god Hermes, began as piles of rocks at sacred places to Hermes -like a crossroad or a boundary or the entrance to a house. The piles evolved into a rectangular pillar or herma (4 being sacred to Hermes) …

  • • Studio

    Fusing different forms of construction within the same medium allows me to work happily within the traditions and cycles inherent to clay.

  • • Archives

    The figure holds many layers of meaning at once, not all of it consciously intended, and evokes both physical and intellectual responses.

  • • About •

    The concept of a stand-in or physical metaphor interests me. I am curious about the layers of power that object can command and what effects that power might have on the object over time.